The General Educational Development test examines competence in basic high school graduate topics. Understanding what the examination includes helps you prepare. The 2014 version test covers reading in language arts, writing, math, science and social studies.

Language Arts Questions

Much of the GED exam uses multiple-choice questions. The language arts reading portion requires test takers to choose responses on topics such as how a writer's point of view affects the writing, argumentative logic, supporting details, the main idea, drawing conclusions and inferring concepts. Students demonstrate understanding of sentence construction such as correct word choice, punctuation and grammar.

Essay Writing Portion

Students taking the 2014 version of the GED write an essay response to explain which of two passages they think makes a better point, supporting their response with detail. Evaluators look for a clear main idea, logical organization, strong support and effective word selection.

Mathematics Section

The math portion of the GED exam includes questions about fractions, decimals, exponents, percentages, ratios and basic mathematical functions. Students need to understand geometry concepts such as the Pythagorean theorem and calculating circumference and area. The test includes questions about using graphs, probability, mean-median-mode, and equations, including those using variables and inequalities.

Science Topics

In the science portion of the GED exam, test takers must demonstrate understanding of scientific concepts and theories, the scientific method, chemical properties, basic biology and the structure of the Earth and the universe.

Social Studies Questions

The social sciences portion of the test requires students to read passages and answer questions based on the primary point of the reading and the support used, including understanding the differences between fact and opinion. Questions examine author bias, credibility and point of view. Students should understand how to read and create charts and maps. The section includes questions and passages about history, geography, government and economics.