The modern side part has plenty of volume and shape.

If you're growing tired of your eye-skimming hairstyle and the blow-dryer that it relies on so heavily, switch gears with a side part. This classic option can make a man look instantly pulled together, and it's appropriate for both work and play. While it used to be more cut and dry, the side part can now be altered to suit your individual taste. Use less product for a looser finish, or brush hair back instead of completely to the side if you'd like more volume -- it's easy to master the side part for a look fit to rival the do of Don Draper.

Gently towel-dry your hair after washing.

Rub a quarter-sized amount of styling gel between your hands.

Work the styling gel through from scalp to tips, gently pulling your hair back as you go.

Comb your hair straight back with a rat-tail comb.

Drag the tail end of the comb through your hair, starting over one eye and pulling it straight back over your head to make the part.

Comb your hair neatly and straight on each side of the new part. If it is longer than your ears, comb the hair so that it lies behind the ears.

Comb the hair closest to your face back slightly, to create a fuller look and keep it out of your eyes.

Things Needed

  • ['Towel', 'Styling gel', 'Rat-tail comb']


  • Leave-in conditioner and matte styling paste also work well in place of hair gel.