Software engineering represents an advanced course of study for computer science majors who wish to develop their technical expertise and knowledge. A specialization within graduate-level computer engineering programs, software engineers collaborate with developers and programmers to create the operating systems and other software that define modern information technologies. The best places to study software engineering are within academic programs nationally recognized for excellence in the field.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“U.S. News and World Report,” in its rankings of top software engineering schools, chose MIT as the preeminent in the world. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers the Master of Engineering and Engineer in Computer Sciences degrees. Students in these programs have the opportunity to perform research in core areas like applied physics, information systems, AI theory and circuitry. Software engineers interested in creating the programs that inform futuristic artificial intelligence systems can benefit from MIT’s investment in knowledge-based systems, machine learning and natural language processing. Regardless of particular specializations, all members of MIT’s software engineering program have access to four different state-of-the-art research lab facilities.

University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley, the second pick among “U.S. News and World Report's” top software engineering schools, offers master's degrees in engineering through its Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Students at Berkeley are allowed to choose whether they focus on industrial or research pursuits and tailor their educations to suit their professional goals. For students interested in using their expertise philanthropically, Berkeley contains the groundbreaking Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions program. TIER unites software engineers with social scientists to create technologies that serve the needs of developing countries in areas like agriculture, education and public health.

Carnegie Mellon Institute

The software engineering master's program at Carnegie Mellon landed the third-highest spot in the “U.S. News and World Report” rankings of software engineering schools. Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute represents the primary benefit of attendance in this program. This center for development and applied research partners with information technology corporations to realize worldwide improvements and solutions for computing networks. Students in the software engineering program can draw upon the institute’s expertise and specialize in many research areas, including cyber-physical systems, software architecture, ultra-large-scale systems and digital forensics. Carnegie Mellon combines hands-on projects with academic tutelage to deliver a well-rounded education to future software engineers.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois achieved the fourth-highest software engineering ranking from “U.S. News and World Report." This department recognizes the dependency of computing networks upon integrated software systems. ECE Illinois trains students in the parallel processing that handles complex network demands. This advanced curriculum comprises two-dozen research areas, including cloud computing, natural language processing, cryptographic systems, computer architecture and computational complexity. The Computational Science and Engineering option in the master's program features sophisticated instruction that gives students the skills to create the next generation of computer software.