Studying for any exam can be a little "taxing," but the Federal Income Tax Exam is almost as difficult as doing the IRS 1040 form. Everything can be a little easier if you break it down and write it out.

Break down the tax into smaller categories. This is done for you at the IRS website. The link address is in the Resources section below. Begin with the Individuals category, starting with publication 17, and follow the same procedure, outlined below, for all in the category.

Take notes on each publication as you read it.

Highlight portions you think may be important or that you don't totally understand.

Create ten to twenty questions with the answers on the back for each publication and then set them aside for later.

Once you have completed all the publications in that category, give yourself the exam that you created. If you have 90 percent of them correct, you should feel confident. Remember, you created the exam so the percentage correct should be pretty high. Review the questions that you missed and mark them for later review.

Take all the tests that you have created once you have finished all categories: Part 1--Individuals, Part 2--Businesses and Part 3--Representation, Practice and Procedures.

Review all highlighted material and the notes that you have taken. Additionally you may want to review some of the questions that were on the exam prior years. Go to the IRS link and follow the steps outlined in the Tips section below.