Sports management programs train and prepare students to manage press operations for sports teams, advertise for the sports media or represent high-profile athletes as a sports agent. There are numerous employment opportunities in the sports community for graduates of sport management programs. If you want to succeed in the sports industry, it will help to attain a masters degree in sports management from a top-notch school.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon's School of Business offers a Master of Business Administration in Sports Business degree program that is highly respected throughout the nation. The courses in this program emphasize sports, business management and the sports industry. Furthermore, the program is aligned with prestigious corporations in the sports industry and with many professional sports teams, and thus the program provides students with the opportunity to get practical experience working with professional organizations.

Indiana University

Indiana University's Department of Kinesiology provides a high quality Master of Science degree program in Sport Management. This program covers a wide variety of areas that are relevant to the sports industry, and courses entail lectures that increase the student's knowledge and understanding of the business aspect of sports management. The curriculum requires students to successfully complete 27 credit hours in classes related to sport management, pass a series of courses from the other departments at the school, and fulfill the obligations of an internship program within the field.

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University sport management program is nationally recognized as one of the top programs in the nation for Sport Management. The Ohio State masters program for sports and exercise management equips students with the necessary skills to achieve prolific and successful careers in many different areas of sport management. Students in the program benefit from the superior resources and advanced technologies offered by the Ohio State's enormous recreational and athletic departments. With a focus on the management aspect of the sports industry, these courses train students to find employment working in sport management for various different fields, including for high school athletics, amateur sports, intercollegiate athletics, university recreational sports and professional sports. Courses include small classes with a friendly and supportive atmosphere, informative lectures, advanced research opportunities and hands-on practical experience working with the various school athletic departments doing assignments and completing internships.

New York University

New York University offers a Master of Science in Sports Business program that provides students with the business knowledge, management techniques and leadership skills required to succeed in the sports industry. The curriculum of the program focuses on issues that are relevant to the modern sports community, such as expanding methods and models to measure fan attraction, methods for assessing contract negotiations and collective bargaining, using digital consumption channels and establishing naming rights for both professional and collegiate organizations. NYU offers courses that are taught by experienced and renowned instructors who are highly regarded in the sports community for demonstrating excellence in their professional and teaching careers.