Hi, I'm Rachel, and today we're going to be going over how to find the slope of the sides of a shape. Well, when we're looking for the slope, we generally have the shape on a graph. So let's say we have our graph like this, and on this graph we have a triangle, alright? This is the other part of the graph. And let's say that this point is at one comma two, and this point is at three comma six, okay? Well we want to find the slope of this part of a triangle. The slope is just the rise over the run, which is defined as the change in y over the change in x. What does that mean? That means the difference of the y coordinate points divided by the difference of the x points. So we have the two x points, so that's six minus two, divided by the, the x points three minus one. So that gives us four over two, which gives us two. So the slope is going to be two. That's the slope of this side of the shape. And that's how you find it. I'm Rachel, and thank you for learning with me today.