There are many topics to consider for high school or college research papers. Students should focus on where their interests lie and do some research to find a topic that fits in with those interests. If the students are not interested in politics, they shouldn't do a research paper on the House of Representatives. The writer should feel some passion about the subject and choose a simple subject that is not too broad.


If the student is passionate about public issues and enjoys watching the news and knowing what political leaders are doing, he might consider a political topic. These can include abortion, Africa, advertising, airport security, Al Qaida, arms control, boycotts, bribery, budget deficit, campaign funds, capital punishment, censorship, Chernobyl nuclear accident, civil rights, copyright, credit card fraud, developing countries, elections, electoral college, immigration, equal rights, feminism, foreign aid, gay liberation movement, gay marriage, health care, Holocaust, illegal aliens, income tax, inflation, juvenile corrections, medical ethics, minimum wage, nuclear weapons, peace movements, political action committees, political corruption, political parties, prisoners of war, pro-choice or pro-life movement, racism, recession, refugees, riots, sex in advertising, taxation, terrorism, Watergate scandal or women's rights.


For young people who are interested in writing about people and relationships, they might consider topics like abused women, acquaintance rape, adoption, adult children of alcoholics, age discrimination in employment, aging, AIDS, alcoholism, antisemitism, artificial insemination, assisted suicide, baby boom generation, bankruptcy, beauty contests, celibacy, child abuse, church arson, child pornography, cloning, computer viruses, creationism, cults, death, Down's Syndrome, drug abuse, drunk driving, euthanasia, evolution, fast food, food contamination or preservatives, freedom in art, gambling, gay parents, gender identity, Generation X, genocide, graffiti, hate crimes, hi-jacking, homeless people, infertility, insanity defense, infidelity, Internet, Ku Klux Klan, mafia, marijuana, mass media, missing children, nursing homes, organ sales, orphans, overpopulation, parenting, passive smoking, peer pressure, polygamy, prostitution, religion, rent control, road rage, runaway teenagers, serial murderers, smoking, shoplifting, speed limits, stepchildren, sterilization, surrogate mothers, tabloid newspapers, teenage mothers or fathers, tough love, unemployment, unidentified flying objects, wage gap, women in the armed forces, working mothers or violence in television.

School Issues

Some people, especially if they are still in school or are planning to become teachers or school administrators, have a passion for the politics of school. Such individuals might want to write about academic freedom, busing for school integration, drop-outs, bilingual education, compulsory education, illiteracy, intercultural education, prayer in public school, school violence, school uniforms or single-sex schools.


Young academics interested in the world and environment can look into topics like acid rain, air pollution, animal discrimination and rights, ecology, endangered species, energy conservation, fossil fuels, greenhouse effect, noise pollution, non-smoking areas, nuclear power plants, off-shore drilling, oil spills, organic gardening, ozone, outer space, pesticides, rain forests, recycling and water pollution.