Electrical alterations like lights flashing or alarms going off could be hints you have an etheric visitor.

Spirit visitation is more common than you might think. Many people report unusual experiences of sights, sounds and smells when going about their daily routines. Could these have anything to do with disembodied beings? Who are those beings? What do they want with you? As with anything in the paranormal realm, caution is advised when interpreting such experiences. Though some spirits may be benevolent relatives who have your best interests in mind, others may wish to cause trouble. Discernment is key. Knowing a bit more about these things will also prevent your falling into the fear trap.

Common Signs

Sometimes, when we lose a loved one, they will try to let us know they are okay, even though we can't see them. Clear indicators for loving visits can include feeling as though you have been hugged, hearing music that the departed enjoyed, seeing a favorite item moved to a place of importance tied to the departed, light flashes in your peripheral vision or feeling comforted when you are afraid. Dreams of the departed may also mean they have visited. Signs from trouble-making entities can include moving things to disturb or distort an environment, clanging noises, harsh and invasive sensations and unwanted nightmares. Sometimes you may see forms, shapes or outlines that appear only for brief moments.

Less Obvious Signs

Sometimes spirits show up in old castles and other buildings.

You may hear sounds or actual voices. Some of these are welcome. Others may cause extreme fear or discomfort. You can always tell if the "spirit" means well by your own response. If your hair stands on end and you want to run, your mind and body are telling you something that you might want to acknowledge. Doors slamming when there is no wind or no one else home may indicate you have company. You may smell flowers if benevolent presences like loved ones or angels drop in. You may feel suddenly nauseated if the entity is not friendly. Clocks turning to the departed's birth or death time can be clues also, especially when combined with other phenomena.

Messages from Beyond

Some spirits, such as departed family members, may wish to share something with you. If you feel a loving presence, you can ask if this is the case. At times, the message will show up as a vivid thought, or it may show up shortly afterward on a book page, an old letter you chance upon or through a phone call. If the message is something useful, you can choose to apply it. If a spirit only wants to cause you fear and pain, you can command that it leave you alone. Use careful discernment and trust your intuition any time you are uncertain about the signs or messages you seem to be noticing.


If your own spirit feels highly elevated, a spirit in angel form may have visited.

If you wake up to a weapon by your pillow or hear a voice suggesting you cause yourself harm, you can be sure the harmful entity has detected something in you it will use to cause problems and fear. Do your best to rise above all fear and turn to your divine inspiration for assistance. Spirits that wish to create problems can take no control over you or your environment if you remain calm.