Signs That Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

A relationship that's falling apart is difficult to cope with -- in part, because neither person wants to face reality.
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Relationships are never easy. They take time, effort and commitment by both people involved. Without putting in the work, the relationship will suffer. The ability to recognize the signs that your relationship is falling apart can help save your relationship The quicker you and your significant other can identify and change the threats to your relationship, the greater chance you will have of resurrecting your relationship and the love you once felt for each other, says Randi Gunther, a clinical psychologist and author of the article, "How Intimate Relationships Fail" on the Psychology Today website.

1 You Don't Appreciate Your Significant Other

The fastest way to end a relationship is to take your partner for granted and assume he's there to make your life simpler, says psychologist John M. Grohol, in the article, "8 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship" on the PsychCentral website. For example, if you assume it's your boyfriend's responsibility to drive you to and from school each day, you are taking him for granted. If he does something nice for you, such as surprise you with your favorite candy bar, and you don't bother to thank him -- then that's an indication that you don't appreciate him.

2 Communication Has Halted

You stop spending time getting to know each other. The conversations about your hopes, dreams, fears and the future have stopped. You no longer talk about how you dream to be a doctor or how you hope to travel the world. Instead, your conversations revolve around trivial matters, such as your plans for the homecoming dance or which movie you want to see. You may also cease to listen to your significant other. Your partner will not only recognize when you stop listening, but it also shows a lack of respect for her, says Grohol. For example, your boyfriend may be talking about his football game and you're daydreaming about a new pair of shoes you want. When you stop listening to your partner, it indicates a lack of interest in him -- and in his life.

3 You Spend Less Time Together

You've noticed that you and your significant other don't spend as much time together -- as you once did. This lack of time together is not due to extracurricular activities, such as track, baseball or volleyball. It's not a good sign if you are using your separate interests as an excuse to spend time apart, says Stephanie Sarkis, a certified counselor, in the article, "7 Signs You're Headed for a Breakup" in Psychology Today. You may not have the desire to spend as much time with your girlfriend, as you once did. You may choose to spend time with your friends over her. When you do have plans with your girlfriend, you may feel indifferent or you lack enthusiasm for spending time with her.

4 You Can't Get Along

Nearly every interaction turns into a fight or an argument. You criticize and your significant other and you may lose respect for him. You might refuse to compromise. For example, you want to go to dinner and your boyfriend wants to see a movie. Rather than compromise and go to dinner one Friday and see a movie the next Friday, you fight over what to do. You might get annoyed with each other and bicker over silly things.

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