As a guy, you might not understand what your girlfriend goes through when she’s on her period. You could notice that she complains about painful cramps, sweating, fatigue and the need for frequent trips to the bathroom. By asking her what she needs while offering sensitivity and verbal support, you will demonstrate that you care and want to be considerate of her needs, which will score you major points with your girlfriend.

Signs of That Time

Whether or not your girlfriend feels comfortable talking about her period, there are several signs that can clue you in when it's that time. These even include changes in her voice, according to two studies led by psychologists Nathan Pipitone and Gordon Gallup and reported in Popular Science. Many women’s voices demonstrate a bad mood, harsh quality, lower pitch and slower speaking speed during menstruation. Moodiness and anxiety can also be signs, as these are common period complaints, says neuropsychiatrist Dr. Louann Brizendine in an interview with LiveScience.

Understand the Physiology

Menstrual periods vary in length and some young women have irregular cycle, making it difficult to predict when her menses will start. Be willing to go to her locker for a change of clothes or help her cover up if it catches her unaware. Make a run for pads or tampons if she doesn’t have any with her. Her period is a normal part of her physiology and will only stop during pregnancy or decades from now in menopause. Accept her period as a normal part of life.

Help Ease Her Discomfort

When you acknowledge that she isn’t at her best, you can make allowances for her pain and irritability. Soothe her feelings and give her space if she’s anxious or seems stressed. Carry a small supply of her favorite over-the-counter period medication and let her know you have it if she has forgotten to pack some in her purse or backpack. Overlook her moodiness as temporary and manageable whenever possible. Offer to rub her shoulders to decrease the tension and anxiety she feels.

Chocolate and Her Period

You might offer her chocolate when she’s on her period, if she isn’t allergic or diabetic. The craving is common in premenstrual and menstruating women, according to psychiatrist Walter van den Broek in “Chocolate Craving and the Menstrual Cycle” on his website. The endorphins in chocolate can sometimes elevate her mood and make her feel better. She might appreciate your desire to offer her comfort.