How to Share Your Mac Internet With an iPhone

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If your Mac is connected to the Internet through a wired connection, you can share this connection with your iPhone via Wi-Fi, so you can use both devices online at the same time. After changing your Internet sharing settings in Mac OS X and choosing a name and password for your Wi-Fi network, you can connect your iPhone to the Internet and use it online as long as your Mac is running.

1 Sharing Your Internet Connection From Mac OS X

2 Launch System Preferences

Launch System Preferences from your dock and select "Sharing" under "Internet and Wireless" to open the Internet sharing settings.

3 Select Internet sharing from the list of services

Select "Internet sharing" from the list of services. Choose the wired connection you want to share with your iPhone via Wi-Fi from the "Share your connection from" drop-down menu. For instance, if your Mac is connected to the Internet via Ethernet, select "Ethernet."

4 Tick

Tick the "Wi-Fi" check box under the section entitled "To computers using:" to indicate that you want to share your connection via Wi-Fi.

5 Click Wi-Fi Options

Click "Wi-Fi Options..." to adjust the settings for your network. Type the desired network name and password in the "Network Name" and "Password" fields. Click "OK" to start sharing your connection.

6 Connecting Your iPhone to the Internet

7 Tap Settings

Tap "Settings" from your home screen and select "Wi-Fi" to access the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone.

8 Select the network

Select the network you created from your Mac from the list of available networks.

9 Type the network password

Type the network password when prompted to do so and tap "Join" to start using your iPhone online.

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