If your phone doesn't support the Twitter app but does have SMS enabled, set up your Twitter account to work via SMS. Once your account is connected, choose which users' tweets you want delivered to your mobile phone. To specify an account whose tweets you want to receive via SMS, text Twitter with "ON username," where username is replaced by the username of the Twitter account. To follow a person from your phone, text "FOLLOW username" to Twitter.

Step 1

Compose a new text message to "40404."

Step 2

Type "START" into the message field and then send the SMS.

Step 3

Open the reply from Twitter, and then reply to that message with the word "YES" in the message field.

Step 4

Compose a new message to "40404." Type your Twitter username in the message field without any symbols, and then send the message.

Step 5

Compose another new text message to "40404." Type your case sensitive Twitter password in the message field, and then send the message. Your Twitter account is now connected via SMS to your mobile phone.