Colleges often ask for high school transcripts to verify that required classes are being taken, minimum grade point averages are being met and to monitor a prospective student's academic progress. If the information on the transcripts reflects poor academic excellence or lack of progress, students may not receive admission to a prospective college. Although sending high school transcripts to prospective colleges may seem like a tedious task, it can easily be completed with one trip to your high school's office.

Record the mailing addresses of your prospective colleges. Jot down their deadlines to receive high school transcripts.

Go to your high school's office and request your high school transcript to be mailed to your prospective colleges.

Present your student ID. If you have lost your student ID or no longer have it, you may be asked to provide a government issued ID. This is used for identification verification.

Fill out a transcript request form provided by your prospective colleges and/or high school.

Pay required processing and postage fees. This amount will vary depending on your high school.

Ask the administrator the estimated time of delivery before your transcript will be received. Contact your prospective colleges to verify that they have received your transcripts.