Many people enjoy looking at their old high school yearbooks. Whether you want to relive your glory days on the football team, show your cheerleading pictures to your kids or look up an old friend you've recently run into, yearbooks preserve your memories throughout the years. If you don't have access to yours anymore, there are still ways you can access them and find what you're looking for.

Visit the library. Stop in at your old high school and talk to the librarian. Almost all schools keep a copy or 2 of the yearbook from each year in their library. Check with the local public library, too. Some public libraries also keep copies of local schools' yearbooks.

Contact the yearbook staff of your high school. Schools often have old copies available to refer back to when creating their new yearbook. You may even be able to purchase one, all these years later, if they still have extra copies laying around.

Check with your local historical society. Oftentimes, historical societies may have yearbooks from a variety of area schools on hand. You won't likely be able to keep the book, but you could peruse it and make copies, if needed.

Contact an old high school friend. Even if you don't have your yearbooks any longer, it's possible that she may have kept hers in pristine condition and would be willing to let you borrow or view it.

Search online auctions and Internet classifieds in your area. It's entirely possible someone may have a copy of the yearbook you want for sale. There are also Web sites dedicated solely to buying and selling yearbooks.

Obtain the name and contact information of the publisher of that year's yearbook from your school. Contact the publisher and see if it's possible if it has any additional leftover copies you can purchase.

Locate your yearbook online. Many services are now available with digital copies of yearbooks online. Access to your yearbook may be free or you may have to pay a fee for access to the data.