Years after you graduate from a high school or college, you might need your transcript. When you want to continue your education and earn an advanced degree, you will need transcripts to apply. Employers sometimes require a transcript to get a better idea of your accomplishments and work ethic, or to verify information on your resume or application. Getting your transcript from most schools is simple.

Contact the school directly, possibly through its website, to get a transcript request form. Contact a high school's administration office. Colleges usually have an office specifically for keeping such records.

Complete the form, providing your full name and the year you graduated, your mailing address and your signature. In some cases, the transcript can be faxed or e-mailed to you.

Enclose any fee. Make the check or money order out to the school or as directed on the request form.

Mail the form to the school or take it in person. Once it is processed, the school will send your transcripts to the address you provided on the form. This can take a few weeks.