You and your sweetheart have been together for some time now, and you both believe you are ready to share a first kiss. Instead of smooching just anyplace, you want to make it special. Some romantic atmospheres are ideal for this significant moment in your relationship.

At the Carnival

An amusement park offers the perfect setting for a first kiss. A classic yet romantic way to share a first kiss is on a Ferris wheel. Grab your sweetie's hand and get on the ride. When your cart reaches the top, lean in to land the kiss. Alternatively, plan to smooch while riding the carousel. Take seats on two carousel horses beside each other. Lean over and snag a kiss as the ride begins.

Aspects of Nature

Among the flowers and trees, nature offers a calm setting for a romantic first kiss -- especially if you both have nervous jitters. Surrounding yourself in the colors of green and blue in nature evokes calm feelings, according to the Psychology Today article, "How to Stay Cool Under Pressure," by Preston Ni, a professor of communications studies at Foothill College. Head to the local park for a picnic. Kiss alongside a lake or sit in a field of flowers for a smooch. Perhaps you can steal a kiss while strolling around the park.

Night Falls

The beauty of the night sky is a perfect backdrop for your first kiss. Sit outside with your sweetie and look up at the night sky. As you see the stars twinkle or even catch a shooting star, plant a kiss on your sweetie's lips. You can also drive to an overlook and kiss at sunset. Alternatively, plan to go to a fireworks show. When the fireworks begin to burst, kiss your sweetie.

Day of Significance

Instead of planning a romantic first kiss at a specific location, plan to smooch on a certain day. Share a lip lock on a birthday or holiday. Perhaps you can kiss your girlfriend at midnight on her birthday or peck her on the lips under the mistletoe on Christmas. Maybe you can kiss on the night of your prom or homecoming dance as you slowly glide across the dance floor. You will always remember this meaningful day -- and you will always remember your first kiss.