As adults, we reach a point where it doesn't seem possible to keep one more fact in our brain. With a few techniques, however, it is possible to increase your vocabulary and your memory. Make an effort to learn a new word each day, then use it -- or lose it.

Step 1

Look up the word up in the dictionary. Many words have several definitions, so sort through to find the meaning that is most applicable.

Step 2

Rewrite the definition in your own words. To better understand a word's meaning -- and to make it memorable -- put your own spin on it. Recite the definition and pronounce the word correctly before closing the dictionary.

Step 3

Write down the word and its definition. While writing, say the word and the definition out loud to further ingrain each in your mind. By seeing the definition, hearing it, saying it and writing it, you will reinforce what you know.

Step 4

Include the word in a sentence later in the day. Practice what you have learned by using the word in conversations with friends or saying it to yourself.