What Is Relations Check on iPhone?

A relations check can help you remember how you know each contact.
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The Apple iPhone enables you to store many details about the contacts in your address book, including their contact information and personal websites. It also enables you to list people that each contact is related to. Because many iPhone users have numerous people in their address books, a relations check can make it easier to remember who each person is.

1 Adding Relations

Adding related people to your iPhone contacts is quick and easy. Open a contact in your address book, tap "Edit," and scroll down to the "Add related name" area. Tap the green "+" button and choose a relationship from the drop-down list. Once you've selected the category, you can either enter a name in the Related Names field or click the "i" button to choose a person from your address book. If you do the latter, the other person's contact page will automatically update to include the relationship.

2 Checking Relations

When you want to check the relations of a specific contact in your address book, simply open the contact. Scroll down until you pass the person's contact information; the people he's related to should be listed with the name of the relationship.

3 Use Siri Commands

If your iPhone is equipped with the digital assistant Siri, you can assign relationships using voice commands. Simply hold down the home button and say "[Name of contact] is my [relationship]"; for example, "Bob is my uncle." Siri will ask you to confirm that you want to add the relationship; say "Yes" or tap the "Yes" button.

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