With Gmail's Mail Fetcher feature, you can add up to five POP3 email accounts -- including the one you check using the GoDaddy Webmail client -- to your Gmail account. The solution effectively eliminates the need to access multiple Web interfaces since, once configured, all new messages will automatically be copied to your Gmail inbox. Replying to emails is equally seamless -- the Mail Fetcher feature allows you to choose which account to use as your "From" address and sends the message as if it were sent from its own interface.

How It Works

With Mail Fetcher, Google will check your alternate email accounts on a regular basis and display any new messages in your main Gmail inbox. Similar to setting up a desktop client like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, Mail Fetcher works by synchronizing all of your emails -- both new as well as stored messages. You can customize certain features -- your signature, contacts and "From" address settings, for example -- but you cannot choose the fetch frequency. According to Google's Gmail Support site, the frequency at which your account is checked for new messages is based upon previous fetch attempts.

Gmail Consolidation Advantages

In addition to the time you'll save avoiding multiple email logins, Gmail's Mail Fetcher offers a number of other advantages. Gmail's advanced spam and phishing filters, for example, go into effect for all email accounts that feed into your inbox. This means the spam in your GoDaddy account will likely see a noticeable decrease once it's added to Gmail. Additionally, you can use all of Gmail's free features -- like cloud archiving, Google search, email forwarding and mail labeling -- right from your centralized inbox.

What You Need

To begin setting up your GoDaddy account in Gmail, you will first need to log in to your GoDaddy Email Setup Center (link in Resources) to verify settings and obtain some necessary information. Once logged in, locate the "Messages Sent Today" data in the General Information pane and ensure that you have available SMTP relays -- by default, GoDaddy gives you 250 relays or outgoing emails per day, though you can purchase additional if needed. Also, jot down the server information displayed under "Email Server Settings" in the middle of the page.

How to Set Up Mail Fetcher

To configure Mail Fetcher, launch Gmail (link in Resources), sign in and click the gear icon at the top right. Select "Settings" and open the "Accounts" tab. Select "Add a POP3 Mail Account You Own," enter your full GoDaddy email address and click "Next Step." Enter your GoDaddy username -- your full email address -- and password, then enter the server information and port number you obtained from the GoDaddy Email Setup Center. Determine your additional mail preferences -- leaving a copy of the mail on the GoDaddy servers, for example -- and click "Add Account."

Setting the "From" Address

Once your Mail Fetcher configuration is complete, you will be given the option of setting up the new account as your default "From" address. With this enabled, your GoDaddy email becomes your primary account -- and you can compose messages in Gmail so that they appear to be sent from your GoDaddy inbox. Also worth noting is that the sending address can always be changed on a message-by-message basis by using the drop-down selector that appears in the "From" field when composing a new email.