After greeting your boyfriend with the standard “Good morning!” upon seeing him every day for months, you're on the lookout for a more creative salutation. Varying the recipe on even these seemingly minor details of your day will not only exercise your creativity but also protect the health of your relationship. Introducing surprise and playfulness into your routine helps keep your relationship exciting, according to Psych Central associate editor Margarita Tartakovsky in “6 Simple Ways to Reignite Your Relationship.”

From Angel Face to Yummy Bear

Play around with the components of your everyday greeting to make your boyfriend smile. Whether or not you've already established a nickname for your sweetheart, you can run the gamut of gooey nicknames when finishing the phrase "Good morning my sweet ..." While he probably prefers that monikers such as "snookems" and "pumpkin" not stick, he'll most likely come to anticipate what comically sappy nickname you've assigned him each morning.

Cultural Expansion

Another pattern you could develop with your greetings that allows for daily creativity involves switching up your language. This is particularly appropriate if one or both of you are linguaphiles hoping to travel abroad one day, so offering your greetings in multiple languages will keep your routine fun and give each of you a new phrase to memorize. Greet him with the Hindi hello "Namaste" or the Turkish salutation "Merhaba," for instance. For an added bit of spice, try expanding your repertoire of accents when delivering your morning hellos.