According to Instagram, account deletion is permanent, whether your account was deleted by choice or due to a violation of Instagram's terms of service. Your previous account cannot be restored. First check to ensure your account is truly deleted. If so, there are some actions you can take in rebuilding a new Instagram account.

Possible Problems

If neither you nor Instagram deleted your account, it's possible that your account is temporarily inaccessible due to browser problems. It's also possible your account has been hacked, which is a more serious problem. Attempt to log in to your Instagram account on a different computer or with a different browser. If your account has been hacked, the hacker may have deleted your account. Instagram cannot reactivate your account in such an instance, and you must create a new account. Use a different password to prevent another intrusion.

Create a New Account

Instagram allows you to create a new account using your old email address and link to your original Facebook account, if you wish. You cannot restore the photos, likes, comments and friend lists from your previous account, however, and must rebuild your account from scratch.