How to Put a Weather Theme on an LG Motion

View weather updates from your LG Motion's home screen.
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The LG Motion smartphone uses the Android operating system, which includes the Play Store for installing third-party software. With the Play Store, you can search for weather-related applications, themes and widgets that display the current local weather forecast on your home screen. Many weather themes require a separate weather service application that runs in the background and communicates with an online database to supply information to the graphical interface. These themes require access to your phone's location and may use more battery power than standard themes.

Tap the “Play Store” icon on your home screen. If the icon isn't installed on your home screen, tap the app drawer and select “Play Store.”

Search for a weather application, such as Digital Clock and World Weather, 9s Weather or GO Weather (links in Resources). Select an application from the search results and tap “Install” if the program is free or tap the price otherwise. If you haven't used the Play Store before, you are prompted to create a Google Checkout account, so you may need a credit card. The application you install in this step only adds the weather service to your LG Motion, not the theme.

Tap “Allow” when prompted to allow the software to use your location or any other device features. The software can't be installed unless you allow it to use these features.

Install your software's accompanying weather theme. If you are using 9s Weather, after launching the program, tap the “Menu” button, select “Theme” and choose a theme from the menu. For other applications, search the Play Store for your program's theme. For example, if you are using the Digital Clock and World Weather service, search for “Digital Clock Weather Theme.” A selection of themes is displayed in the Play Store. Select a theme and tap “Install” to put the theme on your home screen.

Press “Home” to view your theme and edit your preferences, including your location. Depending on the theme, edit the preferences by tapping “Settings” or a similar button. For the Digital Clock Weather Theme widget, edit the preferences by tapping the clock minutes. Enter your city or ZIP code in the Location field and select any other options the theme offers. Save your changes by tapping “Done” or a similar button.

  • Because some themes tend to drain your battery, conserve power by reducing your screen's brightness. Tap “All Apps,” “Settings,” “Display” and “Brightness,” then drag the slider to the desired level.

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