Cyber schools offer both pros and cons when compared to traditional educational programs; knowing the benefits and drawbacks of a cyber education can help you to decide what is right for you or your child. A cyber school is like a traditional bricks and mortar school, except that children complete their courses online rather than by attending classes. Cyber schools will typically follow the same curriculum as physical schools in the same jurisdiction and will allow students to graduate with a recognized high school diploma. Cyber school will meet the needs of individual students differently; it is important, therefore, to consider both the pros and cons of a cyber school.


There are several benefits to cyber schools. Cyber schools are a good alternative to homeschooling for parents who would like their children to learn at home. They offer the ability to work from home, but with the curriculum of a regular school. Cyber schools can be an excellent option for adults who want to return to complete their high school education; cyber schools allow them to work around their own schedules and do not require them to participate in classes with much younger students. Cyber schools are extremely convenient for families who are frequently mobile as it allows their children to maintain a consistent curriculum without interruption while they move. Cyber schools can also be very good for students who need alternative programs, who want to work at an advanced rate or who want access to specialized programs.


Academic education is only one aspect of an education in a physical school. Students also learn valuable social skills by attending classes with others. They learn how to work with others and also how to form friendships. This can open up students to new people and experiences in a way that is not possible in a cyber school. Additionally, schools offer clubs, societies and teams for students to join. This gives students further opportunities to learn about group dynamics and to increase their social skills. Finally, attending a bricks and mortar school can help students to prepare for the real world in which they will likely be required to maintain a regular schedule by getting them in the habit of going to classes at a regular daily time.

Which to Choose

While there are both pros and cons of cyber schools, it is unclear that one set outweighs the other. It is rather the case that a cyber school has more advantages for some students than for others. When deciding to attend a cyber school or not, it is important for a student and his parents to consider his individual needs.