School safety agents patrol common areas in schools for signs of trouble and to protect students. Their job responsibilities include being knowledgeable in first aid, basic laws regarding the detention of a crime suspect and school policies regarding how conflicts and infractions are handled. School safety agents often have to take an exam to prove that they have been properly trained and are knowledgeable of their job duties. Preparation for the exam requires some diligence.

Step 1

Read through a safety agent handbook that details the responsibilities of the job and the information that you are required to know. There may be one available specific to your county or you may be able to order a more general one through the school or the police department. This will serve as your basic study guide.

Step 2

Review any old tests or practice tests if you have access to them. Most of these exams are multiple choice and the questions asked on both previous exams and practice versions should closely match those on your specific test.

Step 3

Speak with current school safety agents and ask them about their test-taking experiences. They can guide you on what information you should review and the kinds of questions you need to be most prepared for.