The SAT is the most popular entrance exam for college in the United States, according to the College Board, the not-for-profit publisher of the test. In additional to a general SAT test, there are 20 subject tests that can be taken, including an English exam.

Step 1

Practice online at the College Board website (see Resources). The site offers sample practice questions as well as a full-length practice test. Both are free. There are other resources available as well, including an official online course for $69.95, as of publication.

Step 2

Read SAT-related novels published by Kaplan, which also offers test preparation services. These include classics such as "Frankenstein" and "The Tales of Edgar Allen Poe." Make sure you get the correct edition. Both are subtitled "A Kaplan SAT Score-Raising Classic." The right-side page tells the story, with the SAT words in bold text. The left-side page lists the words that appear on the right-side page and their definitions.

Step 3

Read "Smart Novels," published by SparkNotes. This group of novels is aimed at boosting your SAT vocabulary, listing SAT words at the bottom of the page. These include titles such as "Vampire Dreams" and "Sun-Kissed." There also are other series for young readers that aim to help with SAT vocabulary, such as the "Mission" novels of Karen B. Chapman.

Step 4

Make flashcards for SAT words. Use them for practice, but in addition to saying the word's definition, write a sentence using the word. Randomly select 10 flashcards and try to write a paragraph using all of the words.