A paraprofessional is a designation within a school district. Paraprofessionals work in classrooms assisting students, with special curriculum-based programs or in other projects not assigned to teachers or administrative staff. To qualify as a paraprofessional in Oregon, job seekers must take and pass the ACT WorkKeys Assessment. Preparations for the assessment, which includes two sections: one on foundational skills such as reading, writing and mathematics and one on personal skills such as talent, previous performance and ethical fitness, require a mix of study, reflection and practice test-taking.

Enroll in the self-paced KeyTrain tutoring, offered by the Oregon State School Employees Association. This tutoring program assists potential test-takers by providing curriculum and instruction for the required skills on the test. Students study reading, writing and mathematics in preparation for the WorkKeys exam.

Access the ACT WorkKeys website to take practice exams and work through additional sample questions similar to the ones that will appear on the test. Each practice section requires payment of a fee.

Prepare for the second part of the test, the personal skills assessment, by self-evaluating your past job performances, your ability to work with others and to lead and your value system. View the sample personal skills assessment questions for performance, talent and fit on the WorkKeys website for an indication of the questions you will see on the exam.