Getting into the nursing school of your choice might prove to be difficult due to competition and the increasing number of people trying to get into the nursing career. If you have been invited for an interview, it may mean that you are in a position to lose or gain an admission based on how you perform at the interview. Therefore, proper preparation for the interview may improve your chances of impressing your interviewer and getting an admission into nursing school.

Step 1

Find out as much as you can about the school before the interview. Review the program and its requirements. Check out the demographics of the school and what its placement rate is and its academic goals are. The more informed you are, the more intelligent your questions about the program will be. Also, go to the school, and find out where your interview will take place and, if possible, who your interviewer will be.

Step 2

Make a list of possible questions you may be asked at the interview, such as: Tell me about yourself; why do you want to be a nurse; how will you cope with nursing school; what are your weaknesses and strengths. Don't provide general, cliche answers. Be specific, and cite examples when possible.

Step 3

Brush up on your medical terminology. The interviewer doesn't expect you to be able to practice nursing already, but you should have a general working knowledge of the field and be aware of some common terms.

Step 4

Set up a mock interview. Have someone you are comfortable with ask you the questions you listed, listen to your answers and give you constructive feedback. This also helps you get comfortable talking about yourself to people.

Step 5

Practice relaxation exercises at home. Look in a mirror, and practice the answers to the questions you wrote down. Practice maintaining your composure and looking confident.

Step 6

Be punctual and professionally dressed for the interview. You may not be a nurse yet, but you should dress like one to show you really want the admission and are serious about it.