Although WordPress allows you to insert YouTube videos via HTML embed codes during post creation, any videos when posted appear at the center of the screen, thus leaving vacant spaces void of any text on both sides. You can, however, make use of this space by making text appear either to the left or to the right of an embedded YouTube video. To accomplish this, edit your post to place HTML float codes surrounding the embed code.

Step 1

Sign in to your WordPress dashboard, click “My Blog,” and then click “Posts” under an available blog.

Step 2

Click the “Edit” link under a post, then click the “Text” tab on the post editing screen.

Step 3

Locate the HTML embed code of the YouTube video. To float the YouTube video to the left and make text appear to the right, add

just before the embed code, and
at the end of the embed code. To float the YouTube video to the right and make text appear to the left, add
to the beginning of the embed code instead. Repeat for any other YouTube embed codes within the post.

Step 4

Click “Update” under the Publish section. Click “Preview Changes” to verify that text has appeared next to the video.

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