How to Pass the TBAS. When you have decided to become a pilot candidate for the United States Air Force, you must take the Test of Basic Aviation Skills. This test is designed to assess pilot candidates' psychomotor skills, more commonly known as hand-eye coordination. Follow these steps to prepare for the TBAS.

Step 1

Know the nine sub-tests. Directional Orientation; Multi-Tasking; Three and Five-Digit Listening; Horizontal Tracking; Airplane Tracking; Simultaneous HTT and ATT; Simultaneous HTT, ATT and Three-Digit Listening; Simultaneous HTT, ATT and Five-Digit Listening; and Emergency Scenario.

Step 2

Become familiar with the Directional Orientation Test. This test is designed to measure your response time and the accuracy of those responses. It is comprised of 48 questions.

Step 3

Understand what is included in the Three and Five-Digit Listening tests. These tests are designed to measure the speed and accuracy of auditory-related responses.

Step 4

Comprehend the Horizontal Tracking Test. On this test, you have 3 minutes to accurately track a horizontally moving target on a computer screen.

Step 5

Learn about the Airplane Tracking Test. Using a joystick, this test measures how well you can keep your gun sight on a randomly moving target.

Step 6

Be aware of the Combined Tests. In this section the following sub-tests are given at the same time: Horizontal and Airplane Tracking; Horizontal Tracking, Airplane Tracking and Three-Digit Listening; and Horizontal Tracking, Airplane Tracking and Five-Digit Listening.

Step 7

Understand the Emergency Scenario Test. While performing Horizontal and Airplane Tracking tasks at the same time, you will be given emergency situations for which you will have to respond. This test is designed to measure your decision-making skills in stressful situations.