How to Find Out If I Passed My GED

Examine your GED transcript to see if you passed that test.
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The stress of preparing and taking the GED exam may be over, but now you have to determine whether you passed the test. Simply looking at the numbers may not be enough; you have to understand what those numbers mean and if you obtained the minimum requirements to pass.

Contact your local testing center to get a copy of your GED exam transcript. You may want to call the location first to check what their business hours are and the physical address, if needed. If you need assistance finding your local testing center, the GED Testing Service website has a testing center locator tool to help you.

Examine your scores in each content section. In most states, the minimum score to pass each section is 410. Some jurisdictions have a slightly higher minimum score requirement, so it’s best to ask your testing site what their minimum is to make sure. If a score falls below the minimum, you did not pass that particular section. You are required to pass all content areas to receive the GED certificate, however, you don’t have to take the whole test again — just the section that you didn’t pass.

Look at the combined score. If you received a 2250 or higher, you have obtained the minimum required test score to pass. However, you must have the 410 or your jurisdiction's minimum requirement in each section to receive your GED certificate.

Find the percentile ranking on your GED score sheet. This percentile number allows you to compare how you did on the exam with the performance of graduating high school seniors. The percentile range is 1 to 99. The higher the percentile score, the better you did.