During the college admissions process, many colleges and universities often request a student's class rank percentile, in addition to other academic data. Class rank is based on a student's Grade Point Average (GPA) compared to other individuals in his graduating class. Most schools provide transcripts, upon request, that document a student's GPA and class rank.

Step 1

Contact your high school and request an appointment with your guidance counselor or a school administrator in charge of school records. Academic records containing attendance, grades, class rankings and transcripts are often stored in the guidance or main office. Ask to see your transcripts or class records to view your class rank.

Step 2

Scan your transcript and request a copy. Look for a section labeled "GPA Rank" or "Class Rank" on the document. Some high schools provide transcripts free of charge to current students or to students applying for scholarships, while others might charge a small fee.

Step 3

Calculate your class rank, if applicable. Class ranks are usually expressed as fractions. For example, if your class rank displays 25/80, it means that you're ranked 25th out of 80 students in your graduating class. Sometimes colleges or scholarship committees request this information to determine your scholarship eligibility. To obtain your class rank percentage using this example, divide 25 by 80 and multiply this number by 100. This gives you a class rank percentage of 31.25 percent. This means that you rank in the top 30 percent of your class.