An after school tutoring program is a good idea. Students with excellent grades can benefit as much from an after school tutoring program as can students with poor grades. Often grades are a reflection more of a student's ability to get the homework done than a reflection of the student's comprehension or intelligence. Start an after school tutoring program to benefit the students that attend your child's school.

Create a plan for an after school tutoring program. Think about what subjects you would like covered and who you would like to tutor the students. Develop a volunteer program run by parents or pay teachers to stay late.

Decide if you want the tutoring to be open forum, focused on one subject per day, or focused on teaching or re-teaching a current lesson or concept.

Talk to your student's principal about the after school tutor program. Outline the benefits to the students and community. Present your plan in a professional manner. Plans carefully and complet all paperwork necessary to get the program approved.

Advertise your tutoring program with the teachers and parents. Provide detail about subjects covered and how often you would like to have the program available. Ask for volunteers to hold the tutoring program in classrooms or houses depending upon what agreement you have with the school's principal.

Promote the program among the students once you have all the details worked out. Let students know that the tutoring program is for children in all academic situations. Encourage students to plan to come to receive help to improve their grades and understanding.