A high school or college yearbook usually has its biggest value 20 or 30 years after it is published. That's when people truly start to feel nostalgic, or children want photographic evidence that mom or dad had a lot of hair. The problem is yearbooks are published just once, and you can't order a back issue. It may take some luck to track down a physical copy of an old yearbook.

Step 1

Call the administration office at the old school. Some schools did order extra copies for the library. After a few years, some schools will sell those copies. Ask the office if you can check with the yearbook advisor if the library does not have copies.

Step 2

Ask the school office for a contact for the alumni association for your school, or look for one online. These associations are responsible for reunions and try to keep in contact with alumni. They can be a good source to ask about yearbook copies. Check for a website for your graduating class. Contacts within that class may be able to produce a yearbook.

Step 3

Insert the name of the yearbook and the school name in a search engine. For example, if the yearbook was the Trailblazer, and you want the 2000 edition, insert "Trailblazer 2000." The search could turn up classmates willing to sell or share their books.

Step 4

Use the search fields on Ancestry.com. The website, which specializes in historical research, has tried to develop a library of yearbooks. Its database contains yearbooks from universities down to elementary schools.