A high school diploma is an official document bearing proof of graduation. It is needed to gain a reputable job or entrance into college. Whether you've accidentally misplaced your diploma or permanently lost it, you can obtain a copy of your high school diploma by requesting it through the school where the diploma was issued.

Contact the school or district where you graduated from and where the diploma was issued. According to the New York State Library, records of transcripts and diplomas are held by the institution that granted them. You can contact the school by telephone, mail, email or by visiting the high school in person.

Fill out all necessary applications or forms required. Most forms or applications provided ask for your general personal information, such as your name, date of birth, social security number and the year you graduated from the school.

Pay the necessary fees required to obtain a copy of your high school diploma. According to HISD Connect, each high school has its own policies and procedures for obtaining copies of diplomas, but most charge a fee between $14 and $17 and require six to eight weeks to process the request. You can choose to pay the fees required by cash, check or credit card.