When you make a photo post on Tumblr, the site's posting platform automatically creates a gallery of your photos in your post. Tumblr calls this type of image gallery a "photoset." Tumblr groups all of your photos in a thumbnail gallery in your post, and your visitors can click any of the thumbnails to cycle through and view all your images in a pop-up image carousel. If you'd like to instead post several individual photos to your blog post without grouping them into a photoset, you must upload them individually to your post using the post editor.

Step 1

Log in to your Tumblr account and click the "Text" button to launch the post editor for a text post. You can also launch a quote, link, audio or video post.

Step 2

Add the text content to your post as desired. If you created a quote, link, audio or video post instead of a text post, insert that content into the appropriate fields as desired.

Step 3

Click the camera icon in the post editor menu, browse to the first image file you want to upload and then double-click the image file to upload it to your Tumblr. The image also automatically inserts itself into your post.

Step 4

Type any text content you want after the image directly into the posting form.

Step 5

Press "Enter," repeat the process for adding each image to the post and then click the "Post" button to publish the post on your blog.