How to Not Go Over Your Data Usage on a Galaxy S III

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The Samsung Galaxy S III is shipped with a stock data management app that enables you to control your mobile data usage costs. The data usage monitoring tool allows you to set a warning limit and a second limit to disable mobile data usage when exceeded. You can also install a variety of third-party tools to help you manage your data charges. Note that the data usage tracked by any app on your phone will only be an approximation of the data usage tracked by your cellular provider.

1 Manage Data Usage

The Galaxy S III Data Usage app enables you to input the days included in your data plan, change the day that your plan refreshes to new limits, and establish a data transfer upper limit. When your data consumption approaches the upper limit for the month, the app will notify you. When you have exceeded your monthly limit, data usage is disabled on the device.

2 Data Usage App Setup

To set up the Data Usage app on the Samsung Galaxy S III, open the “Settings” app, then tap the Data Usage tab. In the Data Usage screen, tap the “Set Mobile Data Limit” check box, then tap “OK” in the Limit Data Usage dialog box. Tap the “Data Usage Cycle” tab, then tap “Change Cycle.” The Usage Cycle Reset Date selection box opens. Scroll to and select the date that your data plan resets each month. For example, if your billing cycle begins on the 3rd of the month, select “3.” Tap “Set” to save the setting.

Drag the orange “Warning” line up or down to indicate the warning limit, then tap “Set” in the dialog box. Drag the red “Limit” line to the desired location, then tap “Set.” The Data Usage app is configured and ready to monitor your mobile data use.

3 Third Party Apps

If you are not particularly fond of the stock Data Usage app, you can install one of several third-party data monitoring apps from Google Play, such as Data Monitor, Data Usage and Vodafone Data Monitor to provide granular control and reporting of your mobile data usage. For example, the Data Usage app provides a control panel that enables you to quickly see how much data you have used in the current billing cycle. Data Monitor splits your data usage graph between Sent and Received data, and the Vodafone Data Monitor displays a list of data consuming apps organized with the highest data users at the top.

4 Tips for Controlling Your Data Usage

The Samsung Galaxy S III can rack up a number of data hours by automatically syncing various apps installed on the device. Disable syncing for apps that do not necessarily need to be up to date by opening the “Settings” app, then tapping “Accounts and Sync.” Uncheck each app that does not need to automatically sync with your phone. You can also disable apps that run in the background to consume mobile data by pressing and holding the Home key, then swiping the icon for each app to close to the right on the screen. The app closes in the background. Finally, check the data usage for widgets you use on the home screen. You can configure the widgets, such as the Weather widget, to update less frequently to save your mobile data minutes.

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