How to Move Camera Movies & Images to an SD Card on a Samsung Galaxy S III

The Galaxy SIII can manage file locations with built-in apps.
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You can move camera pictures and movies from a Samsung Galaxy SIII's built-in memory to an installed Micro SD card using either the phone's "My Files" app or by connecting the device to a computer and using "File Explorer" to move the files. The "My Files" app works well when batch-moving all media content; however, the computer-assisted method may be more efficient for picking and choosing which files you want to move.

1 Move Camera Content Using My Files

2 Open the

Open the "My Files" app from the app menu, then select the "All Files" option.

3 Choose the Device Storage'' option

Choose the "Device Storage" option, then tap the "DCIM" and "Camera" folders to list all media recorded through the Galaxy SIII's camera.

4 Highlight the individual videos and pictures

Highlight the individual videos and pictures you want to transfer to the SD card by tapping the media's check box. You can select all content by pressing the "Settings" button and choosing "Select All."

5 Tap the three-horizontal bar menu icon

Tap the three-horizontal bar menu icon and choose the "Move" option.

6 Select the SD Memory Card from the option list

Select the "SD Memory Card" from the option list to transfer the pictures and video to the memory card.

7 Move Using File Explorer

8 Connect the Galaxy SIII

Connect the Galaxy SIII to the computer with the micro USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions to install any necessary software. The software varies between carriers and operating systems.

9 Open File Explorer

Open "File Explorer" and select the Galaxy SIII's "SCH-I535" icon under the "Devices and drives" heading.

10 Open the Phone

Open the "Phone," "DCIM," and "Camera" folders in order to access the camera's stored media.

11 Highlight the pictures and movies

Highlight the pictures and movies you want to transfer to the SD card. You can individually select files by holding "Ctrl" and left-clicking or select all media by pressing "Ctrl-A."

12 Click the Move to option on the File Explorer ribbon menu

Click the "Move to" option on the File Explorer ribbon menu.

13 Expand

Expand the "SCH-I535" and "Card" trees.

14 Select a folder

Select a folder to store the media and click "Move." You can create a new folder or select an existing one to store the files. You can parallel the phone's folder setup by moving the files to the "DCIM/Camera" directory.

  • You may corrupt and lose media if you shut down the phone or computer while transferring files.
  • You can configure the Galaxy SIII to store camera recorded videos and pictures to the SD card by changing the "Storage" option located in the "Settings" menu within the camera app. Some apps can be installed to SD cards on Android devices; however, the Galaxy SIII can install apps only to the internal memory, so moving media to the SD card can help free space for app use. If the computer is not recognizing the Galaxy SIII when connected, disconnect the phone from the computer and turn it off. Remove the battery for 10 seconds, then re-insert it and restart the phone. Finally, reconnect the phone to the computer.

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