What Is the Minimum SAT Score Needed to Go to Columbia University?

Columbia University has very stringent academic admission requirements.
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On its undergraduate admissions page, Columbia University indicates that students must submit either an SAT or ACT test score. However, it doesn't indicate a specific minimum requirement. The university's "Class of 2016 Profile" offered some insights into common standards for admitted students. In particular, the profile noted that 25 percent of students scored at or above 2330 on the SAT and 75 percent scored at or above 2140.

1 SAT Insights

The 2016 class profile report doesn't indicate the lowest admitted score or percentages of students admitted at lower score levels. It does offer some insights on the three main section scores, though. The school admitted only 2 percent of students scoring below 600 on the critical reading and writing tests. Only 1 percent of students scoring below 600 on the math test were admitted. Thus, your chances of admission with a combined score of 1800 are extremely low.

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