A yearbook is a book published annually by a schools that commemorates an academic year. Although not as commonly published in middle schools as in high schools, many middle schools now publish some variation of a yearbook. If your middle school published a yearbook, and you want to find a copy, there are several ways to accomplish this.

Go to a website that specializes in selling old yearbooks. "Classmates.com", "Ourclassreunion.com" and "Old-yearbooks.com" are examples of sites that sell old yearbooks. Search for your middle school by state, name of school and year(s) attended to determine if your old middle school yearbook is available for sale.

Go to your middle school library. Most school libraries maintain copies of yearbooks from previous school years. You can also call your middle school library, and ask the librarian if the yearbook for a specific year is currently available.

Ask anyone you still know that attended middle school with you if they have a copy of their yearbook. If you are no longer in contact with anyone you attended middle school with, try to locate former classmates using a social networking tool such as "Facebook.com", "MySpace.com" or "LinkedIn.com".