Barber schools train professionals to style men's hair and give close shaves.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the mean hourly wage of a barber is $13.23, and the mean annual wage is $27,520. If you are good at your craft, you can make significantly more in tips. Attending a men's barber school gives you the training needed to enter the field as a well-trained professional. By learning some facts about men's barber schools you can better determine if enrolling in one is right for you.

Short Completion Times

Some people spend four years in college to get a B.A., and some trade schools can take one to two years. However, there are many men's barber schools that take as little time as six months to complete. The Barber School offers a course taught by an experienced industry professional that only takes six months to complete. Students are taught barbering fundamentals rather than how to cut specific hair styles in a short time frame that allows barbers to quickly earn their certificate and get out into the working world.

Check the Licensing

Men's barber schools provide a license upon successful completion of the course. However, not all licenses fulfill state requirements to cut hair as an article by "Slate" warns. You should check what the requirements are for hours attended in barber school and make sure they fulfill your state's requirement. If you live in New England where smaller states border one another and you plan on cutting hair in various states (or if you live on a state line), make sure the barber school's certificate fulfills the requirements of nearby states if you plan on working across state lines. You certainly don't want to limit your market and employment reach.

Male-Orientated Approach

Many men's barber schools teach customer service skills that foster an environment for men. When people think of salons, they tend to think of a place that draws female clientele. However, men have a big need for haircare in today's competitive working world. Having a professional look conveys success, a reason why men's barber schools like Paul Mitchell are teaching students to meet the demand for providing a comfortable, male-oriented dwelling where men can get a great haircut or a full color dye to hide gray hair.

The Art of Shaving

Men's barber schools teach a lot more than the principals of cutting hair; they also teach how to give the perfect shave and trim and style mustaches and beards. Getting a professional shave is a time-honored tradition that men for generations have enjoyed. Men's barber schools teach students how to use a straight razor to give the ideal close shave, and they instruct barber students how to treat the face to prevent skin irritations such as razor burn.