Media production includes full-time and freelance workers in any field of communication, entertainment or information that reaches a wide range of people. Media production refers to the professional creation of such content.

Forms of Media

Forms of media include periodicals such as magazines and newspapers, radio, television, films, books, visual arts, music, photography, video games and online content, or new media. Each form of media usually employs a wide variety of professionals to oversee different aspects of the production.


Creative forces in media production can include authors, singers, directors, painters, musicians, actors, photographers or animators.


Research specialists working in media include photojournalists, documentarians and research assistants on news and information programs.


Technical professionals such as film and television production staff and radio and music engineers are essential to media production. Also important are administrative staff, executives, production and manufacturing teams and financiers.

Education and Salary

Education for media production workers can range from a high school diploma or less to an advanced college degree. The salary range is even broader.