When you log into your Tumblr account and see the "Rate Limit Exceeded" error message, it means that Tumblr has temporarily blocked your account from seeing any content on its servers. You won't be able to see your dashboard, followed blogs or access your own account. Fortunately, the limitation is temporary, and it doesn't mean Tumblr has taken permanent action against your account.

What the Error Means

The "Rate Limit Exceeded" error message means that Tumblr's system has determined that your account has made too many requests to access its servers within an unspecified short amount of time. You may have posted too many posts simultaneously, or refreshed the site too often. It's also possible that an application you authorized to your account may have made too many requests to the server on your account's behalf. The issue typically resolves itself within a few hours, so try to access the website again after a few hours. If you're still getting the error message after 24 hours, contact Tumblr support regarding the problem, including your IP address in your support request.