Many successful bankers have expert math skills.

Banking officials who successfully accommodate their customers must have an intimate understanding of finance and business. Because economics, finance and banking are rooted in the study of numbers, banking students should take a wide variety of math courses. If you are interested in becoming a banker, you should probably earn at least a bachelor's degree in business or banking, which will require you to take various math classes that prepare you for the banking world.

Business Statistics

Many business-related majors that lead to jobs in the banking world require students to take statistics courses. Business statistics classes offer students a comprehensive look at statistics as a mathematical science, applying statistical theory to various areas of the business world. For example, Bentley University requires their business studies majors to take business statistics as part of their core major requirements. At Wagner College, the business statistics course focuses on regression, hypothesis testing and trend analysis as they relate to economics and business.

Finite Mathematics

At Wagner College, finite mathematics is offered as an alternative to mathematical concepts and applications for business majors. The main objective of the course is to develop algebraic skills in relation to decision-making and business modeling. Students are exposed to set theory, probability, vectors and linear programming as they apply to the business world.


In addition to algebra and geometry courses for business students, there are a number of calculus courses geared toward business and banking. For example, Bentley University offers applied calculus for business for undergraduate business students. Significant time is spent on break-even analysis, optimization and depreciation. Fundamental techniques of differential calculus are also covered. In such business calculus courses, significant time is spent on finance topics, such as simple/compound interest, present/future value and annuities.

Business Math

Many colleges and universities require students to take general math courses designed for business and banking students. Although some colleges and universities allow students to test out of such lower-level math courses, this isn't always the case. The online class Business Math 101, offered by Universal Class, teaches students basic calculations that apply to the business world, such as fractions, percent, ratios, exponents and square roots.