A reset may allow you to restore your Kyocera Rio to working order, resolving minor system errors such as a frozen screen or other operational glitches. You can accomplish a basic reset by simply removing and reinserting the battery; this power cycles the phone and clears its memory. A full factory reset might be necessary to correct more serious issues. This process deletes all data and restores the phone to its factory settings. Kyocera recommends you seek the assistance of a store associate or the original mobile phone dealer for a factory reset since it requires a special six-digit Service Programming Code, which varies by service provider.

Step 1

Remove the battery cover from the back of the Kyocera Rio E3100 phone.

Step 2

Remove the battery, reinsert it and then reinstall the battery cover.

Step 3

Power on the phone. If the problem persists, return to the store or dealer and request a hard reset, or if the phone cannot be repaired, request that it be replaced.