If hanging with your guy is starting to make you feel like you're part of a harem, the abundance of female friends he has is getting under your skin. Whether he is getting constant texts from his best girl "friends" or goes out with gal pals, understanding why your boyfriend has so many female friends can help you get over any jealousy or uneasy emotions that you may feel.

No Competition

While hanging with the boys can't be beat, sometimes other men can make your boyfriend feel insecure or like he's part of a competition. Having female friends around takes the pressure off and makes him feel like he doesn't have to work his way to the top. Your guy may quickly tire of having to show that he's the strongest, smartest, most successful or best at getting girls when he's with his male friends. A social circle that includes girls who are friends -- not necessarily girlfriends -- means that he can relax, be himself and not have to worry about competing with other guys.

Sounding Board

Even though your guy confides in you, sometimes he may need someone else to talk to. If the two of you are arguing, he may need advice. If he wants to surprise you with a weekend getaway, he'll need someone to ask if it's too early. If he isn't sure whether he should tell you that he loves you yet, he can't very well ask you for advice. Female friends can provide your guy with a perspective that he -- and his buddies -- may not see.

How He Looks on the Inside

Whether your guy cares about showing up his male friends or not, he's less likely to show his emotions in front of them as he is to a girl. While you might want to reign supreme when it comes to your guy sharing his feelings, before you were around he needed someone to talk to without feeling like he looked feminine. Although showing his feelings has nothing to do with his feminine side, his perception of this may have kept him confiding in his female friends.

Facing Your Fears

While plenty of guys have completely platonic relationships with females, a study of 88 undergrad pairs of opposite-sex friends detailed in the article "Men and Women Can't Be 'Just Friends'" in the "Scientific American" suggests that this isn't always the case. The study found that men tend to have underlying attractions to their female friends. Even though your boyfriend might not pursue any of his "girls who are just friends" right now, it's possible that at some point he had -- or possibly still has -- an attraction to them.