How to Make Free Sample Flyers

Sample flyers are easy to create on your home computer.

A flyer is a promotional document used to advertise a product or service. Sample flyers can be used as a guideline in creating other flyers. Many consumers want to know how to make free sample flyers instead of paying a company for this service. Advantages of making your sample flyers at home include control over your layout, design and costs. Templates are available online for download, but if you have a slow Internet connection, you can easily create your own sample flyers without Internet access.

Plan the layout and design of the elements. Use a pencil to sketch out the placement of your elements on a piece of paper.

Turn on the computer and launch Microsoft Word. Go to the "File" menu, then choose "New" to pull up a blank page.

Type text and use alignment buttons (left, right, or center) on the "Formatting" toolbar to position text.

Apply attributes such as color, size and typeface to selected text. Select text and go to the "Format" menu, then choose "Font" to apply the settings.

Insert clip art by using the "Insert" menu, then choosing the "Picture" option and searching for clip art to insert into the document. Double-click on the image to activate sizing handles that will enable you to move the image on the page for correct placement in relation to the text.

Insert paper into the printer to print finished product.

  • When placing text and graphics on the page, keep the text within the margins, or the text and pictures will print to edge of the page. This is called "bleeding," and it makes the document less attractive.
  • Set all margins to 1 inch, and try to leave plenty of white space between elements on the page. If you place elements too close together, the document will be more difficult to read.

Jeannine Lowe is a business technology teacher at McKenzie High School in Tennessee. She has been writing on business and marketing topics since 2007. Lowe obtained her Master of Science in education through Walden University, specializing in integrating technology into the classroom.