How to Make a Paper Sarcophagus for a School Project

Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus

In ancient Egypt, mummies were kept in a stone coffin called a sarcophagus. Children who study ancient Egypt may be required to make their own sarcophagus out of card stock. Completing this project will give students a better understanding of the way the ancient Egyptians thought. The project is fairly easy and can be completed differently by each student to reflect their own uniqueness.

Print out a copy of the sarcophagus template (see resources).

Glue the sarcophagus template to a piece of card stock.

Cut the sarcophagus out, removing the excess card stock.

Draw your own face onto the sarcophagus. The Egyptians believed that the dead body had to be recognizable to the spirits so they painted faces on the front.

Add a scarab beetle somewhere on the sarcophagus. This was a symbol the ancient Egyptians used to signify a new birth after death.

Add a picture of an Egyptian necklace. Different necklaces meant different levels of privilege.

Add some more Egyptian symbols (see resources) that may have meaning to you. Egyptian sarcophagi were covered in symbols.

Finish coloring in your sarcophagus, and be sure to use a lot of gold like the Egyptians did.

  • You can add your own symbols instead of adding Egyptian ones. If you like baseball, add the picture of a baseball bat. If you are a cheerleader, draw a set of pom poms.

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