Desire is the key to a successful relationship, but not all girls know how to make their guys starry-eyed. Many begin to fret when they think that their loved one is losing interest. They may also do things that push their sweetheart away -- like becoming clingy. There are better ways to address the problem. If you believe that your relationship is flagging, spice things up. You can make your guy fascinated by you all over again.

Write with Love

Rekindle the spark that started your relationship with an old-fashioned love note. Use a pen and nice stationery. List specific qualities about him that you love, writes Kevin Zimmerman, couples and family therapist, in "Learn to Write the Best Love Notes Ever," on Tell him you admire that he volunteers at a soup kitchen every Thanksgiving. You love the way he treats his younger sister when she's annoying. Your thoughtfulness will remind him why he chose you and will surely bring a smile to his face.

Keep Him in Suspense

A sense of mystery is a powerful tool for sparking his interest. Romance dies with familiarity and is enlivened by suspense and adventure. Make him excited about you again by organizing a surprise outing together to the local amusement park. The unexpected adventure will be thrilling and he will likely feel closer to you after hanging out and laughing for a few hours.

Get Him to Relax

Arrange times where you can both be relaxed and stress-free. This is the time you will bond more deeply and connect with each other. Do something different each week, whether it be picnics, playing video games, movie nights or generally having a great time together. His desire for you may be increased when he looks forward to spending time with you.

Revisit Old Memories

Nothing revives strong feelings like revisiting the moment you both fell in love. Remembering those memories can trigger sensory connections. A powerful touch can communicate love, writes Rick Chillot in “The Power of Touch” on Psychology Today. Give him a hug while bringing up the first time you met. Hold his hand while going through old pictures of the two of you. You can revive his desire for you by making him remember and experience his original feelings.