Women are often viewed as complicated. At times this may be the case, but the key to truly understand women is to understand their nature. One of the essential elements of having a successful relationship with your girlfriend is ensuring that she is comfortable with the state of your relationship.

Communicate regularly with your girlfriend. Communication is very important in a relationship, and a woman loves it when you show interest in what she is saying. Listen and respond to her feelings. This shows that you care about her and value your relationship. Do not wave off her concerns, even if you consider them irrelevant. Share with your girlfriend your feelings and concern to make her understand that you value her opinion.

Accept your girlfriend for who she is. Do not try to change her by discrediting her principles and values. Avoid criticizing her on every detail that displeases you. This makes her feel like she cannot live up to your expectation of her. Show an interest in the activities she engages in, and make an effort to understand her principles and values. This builds a sense of security in your relationship.

Show that you trust her. Don't question her if she wants to spend time with her friends or engage in her own personal activities. Trust and honesty are the backbone of every successful relationship; they will reinforce her sense of security. Do not keep secrets from her or deviate from your usual activities without giving her an explanation. This prevents distrust from building up in the relationship. Let her know that she can trust you.

Avoid flirting with other girls whether in her presence or when you are out with your friends. This shows her that you value and respect your relationship.

Invest your time and emotions in the relationship. Display small gestures of affection that will prove that you are as committed to your relationship as she is. For example, take her out and introduce her to your friends. This makes her feel like she is important to you. Discuss future plans concerning the relationship. This shows your intention to be with her in the future.

Do not pressure her into making serious decisions concerning your relationship. Allow her to get there at her own pace. Do not change your attitude toward her by turning aggressive or withdrawing from her if she shows an unwillingness to agree with you. This shows her that you are willing to maturely accept her decisions.