So you messed up this semester in school, now what? Instead of losing your TV privileges for a month and a half, try creating a fake report card. Keep yourself out of trouble with these sure-fire tips for making a report card that makes your parents proud.

Step 1

Look at the appearance of a previous report card. Take note of the type of paper, the font, the shading and watermarks on the report card. To create a believable fake document, all of these things should be duplicated as closely as possible. Some cards are less involved than others, printed on plain white printer paper with black ink and no frills; other report cards are extremely detailed, printed on textured paper with embossed watermarks and intense shading. Nevertheless, either can be copied.

Step 2

Purchase the type of paper you need. If it is a specific type of paper you are not familiar with, try taking the report card to your local office supply store or printing service building and ask a staff member for an opinion. Getting the right paper is important to creating your document. Get more than one sheet but a full ream is not necessary--that is, unless you plan on making a lot of report cards.

Step 3

Open your spreadsheet creator once you have purchased the paper you will use and loaded it in the printer. Using spreadsheets instead of a traditional word processor document makes the creation of a document with measured tables and shading easier.

Step 4

Find the font used on the card and be sure to use bold, italics and underlined words as they are used in the original. Use correct abbreviations and acronyms. Create shading in the correct places. If you have trouble creating some of the elements on the fake report card versus the original copy, consult the help files in your spreadsheet creator or contact your local printing and copying service.

Step 5

Print out the document and compare it to the original. Everything should be flawless or at least have very few visible errors that give away that it is not an original document.

Step 6

Get rid of the evidence. Once you have finally created a fake report card that you are satisfied with, discard all paper used and files saved. You don't want your parents finding out just because you didn't follow through. Get rid of the original report cards as well. Whether it comes by mail or you have to pick it up at school, make sure you are the first to receive it and destroy it. Worse than getting bad grades is getting caught lying about them.